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Who We Are


BIST INVEST is a well known investment cooperation which focus its activity on Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST - Borsa Istanbul) trading.Successful achievements in main activity allowed the cooperation grow day by day.


We started trading in stock markets of U.S.A. lately.We are showing the same success in Dow 30 , S&P 500 , Nasdaq 100 , Nasdaq , NYSE Composite.


BIST INVEST gives new financial opportunities for its investors.Our result is a product of experience,knowledge and hard working.

Our Goals


We are eleven Turkish stock exchange traders.We have been trading in Borsa Istanbul (BIST) since the beginning of 1990s'.This means that we are in the market for more than a quarter of a century.We believe that we are professionals of stock markets.


We focus our activity on Istanbul Stock Exchange and stock markets of U.S.A. We are trading with a capital of 20 Mıllion USD.This amount is growing day by day by our successful trading.Our cooperation will be the best in the market with your partnership.


We give new financial opportunities for you.We have prepared 3 Plans for you which will last for 30-100 days.You will be able to earn profits from 1-3% Daily for trading days.Minimum investment amount is 10 USD and there is no maximum for your portfolio.